My Restart in Ireland

“Do you need a bag?” It was the first question I got asked in English in Irish lands and I didn’t understand it. My English was not good enough at that time.

I asked, “can you repeat please?” I got the same question and I still didn’t understand it. I just answered “no”. This question was among thousands of other ones that I answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to without having a clue what the question was about. Always hoping my answer didn’t cause any more confusion.

I have had some challenges throughout my life and I’m very proud of myself for overcoming them. I’m proud of my achievements in my professional and personal life.

My Law degree definitely wasn’t easy, trying to balance work during the day, university in the evenings and courses on weekends. After graduation, it was gratifying to succeed in the OAB exam in order to be a qualified lawyer. There are typically more than one hundred thousand participants and only up to 25% succeed. My success in the exam was proof of not how intelligent I was but how persistent and perseverant I was.

Unimaginable Challenges

Restarting in Dublin was a brand-new challenge to me. When I decided to move to Dublin to improve my English, I wouldn’t have imagined it would have been my biggest challenge in life.  

The barriers of a different language at first were difficult and I found myself crying for numerous reasons that seemed so silly and unimaginable for some people. The difficulties to get a bus, to shop, to open a bank account, to go to the doctor and to be able to describe what I was feeling.

I could compare myself to a baby who is in pain, or hungry and doesn’t know how to translate those sentiments into words and they cry out instead. How could I do this as an adult? But I believe we get stronger when we really need to.

The funny part is I ended up asking people if they needed a bag since I had started working in a convenience shop.

Overcoming and Beyond

After succeeding in the IELTS exam results I embarked on a new challenge, my Masters in Digital Marketing. From this moment I have achieved so many things that I’m not just proud of myself, I’m grateful. Grateful to God, to my family, to my friends and even to the unfortunate moments that made me stronger and fiercer than ever.

And now I’m ready for more, more challenges, more work, more knowledge, more achievements.

“There is no magic to achievement, it is really about hard work, choices and persistence.” Michele Obama